3D - Quadline kite

(Work in progress)

This plan is for a 3D effect quadline kite, total width of this kite is 1 Metre as i'm building a small version first to test out how well this kite will work, to be followed by a 2metre wide version. I havent cut cloth on this design yet, so it is as yet untested. I'm going to use the above colour scheme, and probably use 6mm carbon fibre tube for both the horizontal and vertical spars. I'm also think of using coloured net or some other type of material in the centre squares to maybe improve the look as well.

Any better ideas for spars for a kite of this size or ideas on bridling it would be welcome, also any comments on the basic design, whether it could be improved for better handling capabilities etc..


As you can see from the plan above the use of cloth is fairly efficient as there only 2 shapes to be cut out and they can be combined together so you get very little wastage. For the 2 colour scheme i'm using you need to cut 4 pieces of each colour of each of the templates above and keep them aligned with the grain of the cloth as indicated.

Clicking on the above pictures will lead you to the original full size pictures if you wish a more detailed view to save to disk.

(C) Dazzz 12/10/98

The original design was done by me, the templates were worked out by my lovely partner Karen, and together we hope to have this made and flying in a few weeks.

Well the kite got built and it does fly, although a little jerkily in my inexperienced hands :-) I've remembered to take some piccies of the finished prototype, and pretty soon i'll be commencing on its big brother the 2 meter span version.