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Name of Gods(from left to right):Bishamonten,Jurojin,Daikokuten,Ebisu,Hotei,Fukurokuju,Benzaiten

Bishamonten, a Buddhist deity,is usualy portrayed with a severe countenance, but he is worshipped as a god of luck, wealth, and happiness. He represents dignity, righteousness, and religious faith.

Jurojin is venerated as the god of wisdom and long life.

Daikoku is the god of wealth and bountiful harvest.

Ebisu represents the good fortune and bounty of the sea.

Hotei is the popukar god of happiness and contentment.

Fukurokuju represents happiness, wealth and long life.

Benzaiten is the only woman among the seven gods of good fortune and is the patron of learning, music, art, and literature.

These kites were designed and made by Masami Takakuwa.

EList of Materilas

1) Sail : Japanese Washi paper (290mm x 290mm , thickness:0.05-0.1 mm)

2) Vertical Spar (A) : 1.0 mm depth ~ 2.5 mm width 310mm long (Bamboo)

3) Horizontal Spar (B) : 1.5 mm depth x 2.5 mm width 305mm long (Bamboo)

4) Diagonal Spars (C) : 0.8 mm depth x 2.5 mm width 430mm long

Sail is bonded with spars by adhessive such as a bond.

Details of the Plan

Shadow area should be folded over the horizontal spar with adhessive.
Point D and F are bridle points and point E is the center of the bridles.
DE=100mm, DF=220mm
A bow line should be connected between point G and H.

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