Let's do an ACE

The acrobàtic Diamond

Here there is a single plan for the beginner kite-makers. The ACE (Trlby,Diamond,....) is the most single acrobàtic kite. I've done it in plastic bag and is perfect to do a self-made Stack of kites. First thing you have to do is to buy the materials.Two meters of 3mm Ø fiber glass rod, nylon lines and plastic tubing (3mm int.Ø) to fix the bridles.


This is an easy to make kite that can bring you very fun in poor wind. The frame can be in fiberglass rods (3mm) ,or maybe in wood. For the sail you can use plastic bag or ripstop nylon .

1.- First cut a plastic bag in a square of 70 X 70 cm.

2.- Then draw the sail , with a pen marker, as you see above (height:73cm;wide:75cm) aproximately using the diagonals of the plastic sheet. Don't cut yet.Now, draw an external shape at 4cm of the sail shape (aprox.height:81cm;wide:83cm).This will do a folder for the spars frame.

3.- Use adhesive tape or sheet to fix the folders at the corners and reinforce them.If you have an iron solder you can "thermofix" the folders by passing it quickly 1cm inside along the edges.

4.- Now you have to do 3 holes for the bridles.One at the vertical axis at 22cm from the bottom of the sail.The other at half the way of the leading edge(23cm from the top) , 3.5cm inside.Make it simetric.

5.- Cut the spars.The spine is 73cm long and the spreader 78 cm of 3mm Ø fiber glass rod.Put caps or T-joints on the ends to avoid "sail pierceing".

6.- To fix bridles to spars I use plastic tube (3mm int.Ø fits perfect). Cut 3cm of tube and do an "V" at the middle as seen in the image above (without cutting all the way of the tube). Put the spar in the tube and out by the "V".Then put the loop of the bridle (nylon fishing line) around the spar and again inside the tube.Now you have the bridle fixed to the frame of the kite.Do the same in the 3 holes.

7.- For the sail I use the plastic tape as the one who use the police or the constructors to close a zone.Or maybe in sport events where you can find plastic tapes with sponsor's logos.10 or 15 meters would be enough.

(If you have any qüestion or any comment about this kite plan, let me know it.)
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