Right, here's another kite, from M Hess. He's finally got 'round to sending me some details of his construction and a picture. In his own words...


Sorry it took so long to get this pic to you and sorry it is so bad (will send another when I take one).

First off I want to thank you for your assistance with the construction. The instructions you provided on line were great and your advice made the end product truly enjoyable.

The Build
I used more panels that I would have liked to but I wanted to use up some scrap P31 I had around. The frame (as per your advise) is 5mm spine and lower spreaders and 4mm leading edges with the brass ferrules just between the LLE connector and the knock. I used the nasty elastic cord to tension the wingtips similarly to the Gemini where the LE tape is doubled up and the knot in held inside to keep from snagging, it works well but is very tight so I guess I wont be folding it up any time soon. The bridle was tied using laser pro 100lb bridle line and all the fittings used were APA. The kite is scary light, the 4mm are creepy considering my heavy handJ

Flight Test
It’s been really windy in these parts so I have only had the kite up once since completion and the wind was erratic, from dead still to about 8mph out of nowhere, fun. So with that in mind here it is… I do love this kite; it tracks very well for such a high aspect and stops on a dime. The secret is SMALL HAND MOVEMENTS, once I stopped my hands from trying to spank the kite around it tricked very well. 540’s are effortless, flat and as fast or slow as you would like, Axels, Cascades are there (the kite like to rise when doing Cascades, not sure of the name for that) I was also able to hold a fade with no problem in fact I was able to get it to rise and fall very easily at will, something I have some difficulty controlling as well as I would like to on some other kites. I tried a variety of other odds and ends (do not try tip stabs unless you are very gentle, 4mm bend and twist like a twig) but with the gusty, erratic conditions I would prefer to wait for a better day to get a re
al feel for the kite.

Bottom Line
Fairly easy to build, fun to fly, the kite will most defiantly get airtime. I may in the future try to frame the little baddy in SkyShark to stiffen the frame, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for all your help, great job on the design.