NYKE 'Build-aBuncha-Bols' Workshop

Saturday, March 3rd
9:00 - 5:00ish

Church, Seneca Falls, NY

 Join in the second kite building workshop of the 06-07 building season.

    The New York Kite Enthusiasts are proud to present this 8' Bol Workshop - featuring the Jim Johannesen Bol.  Jeremy Johannesen will be leading this workshop which is appropriate for kite builders of all skill levels.  Many thanks to Thom Shanken who is serving as host for the workshop.

    Wanna know more about Bols?  Check out the Bol Page.
    Also get a jump on the workshop - review the Bol Plans.  Note - we will be building a modified version, using complete hexagons, pentagons and half-hexagons rather than triangle pieces.  More fabric waste, but much less sewing...

    The workshop will take place at
        First Presbyterian Church
        23 Cayuga Street Seneca Falls, NY 13148
        Click here for a Map.
    Seneca Falls is roughly 3 hours West of Albany, NY via the NYS Thruway.

    The cost for the workshop is $15.  That fee covers admission to the workshop.  Each participant will complete their own Bol.

    Here's how materials will work:

    To complete the Bol you will need between 11 and 12.5 yards of 3/4 ounce ripstop nylon.  Why the variety of amount?  Well it depends on your color choices... The Bol will be made up of:

    SO you can use all one color and 'nest' your pieces and use only 11 yards.  If you use one color for your hexagons and half hexagons ( 6 yards) and one color for your pentagons (5 yards) you'll need 11 yards.   Given the specs above you can use as many different colors as you like - it simply will result in more waste and consume as much as 12.5 yards...  All you need to order is fabric.  We'll provide everything else you need - edge binding, bridle line, the works...

    Want a visual aid in laying out your color scheme?  Download this Word document designed by Bill Coons.  Click on any panel of the Bol pattern, then choose 'Format' 'Borders&Shading' and change the color of each piece.  Note this file was designed for the tri-angle assemblage version of the Bol, so keep in mind that you'll need each group of triangles to be only one color.

Color Pattern Visualization Tool - opens in MS Word.

    Figure out what colors you'd like to use, and how much you'll need.  Call Steve at KiteStudio - 610-395-3560
Place your order - Steve will deliver all the materials directly to the workshop and you get FREE shipping!
I HIGHLY recommend ordering second or thirds - the cheapest fabric you can get.  Bols take much abuse and aren't art kites- build'em cheap!
Also keep in mind that you don't need to order fabric - if you have 12.5 yards of any kind of 3/4 ounce ripstop laying around feel free to bring it.


Email: JEREMY@nyke.org
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