FOTW - Record Breaking Attempt

by Grantley McCauley

Create history by being apart of a World Record breaking attempt, at this year's FOTW, for the most number of box kites trained on a single line. Only with your help will it be possible to reach the target of 150 trained box kites. I urge all members attending the FOTW to bring along several box kites, built to the following dimensions of a Compact Box. The member that provides the most number of suitable box kites for the train, will win a fantastic prize.

Compact Box

Dimensions: Cells are 4 faces, 200mm high x 350mm wide; Longeron Lengths (Box Kite Height) are 600mm; Spreaders are approx: 480mm; Bridle is a single point from the end of one longeron.

Weight: Gross is approx. 80grams.

Equipment: Stanley Knife (or similar); Small Sharp Scissors; Ruler

Suggested Materials: (all can be found at BBC or any Hardware Store)
35mm and 15mm rolls of masking tape
4 x 50mm lengths of flexible tubing with inside diameter of 4.5mm
8 x 600mm lengths of 4mm dowel
1 x quality garbage bag with ties 70cm x 80cm (colourful alternatives ripstop or wrapping paper)


Step 1: Cells

Step 2: Connectors

Trim seams from one side and the bottom of bag
- Cut two 200mm strips to form the cells
- Keep the two 700mm ties to form the bridle

- Cut all 50mm tubes in half lengthwise

Make several box kites and bring them to the Festival of the Winds and help us break the World Record!

Step 3: Connectors

Step 4: Longerons

- Fold all 8 tube sections in half and tape ends together with 15mm x 100mm pieces to tape

Tip: a piece of 4mm dowel should fit snugly into the two perpendicular openings of each connector.

- Slide the connectors onto 4 lengths of dowel, positioned 100mm from either end.

Step 5: Placement

- Tape longerons using 2 pieces of tape per edge
-Equally space longerons along the cells
Tip: Start from centre of cell and work out.

The connector and longeron construction

Step 6: Closure

Step 7: Spreaders

- Trim the remaining 4 lengths of dowel to 480 mm
- Ease into place and trim more if too tight a fit
Tip: slide connectors to reduce and increase pressure making cells taught but not stretched

- Join cells together with two long pieces of tape

Step 8: Bridle

Step 9: Assembling

- Tape securely a length of bag tie to the end of one longeron on the inside of the cell
- Tie a knot at the other end to form a single point bridle., 700mm long

- Slide at least one connector per cell before inserting and removing spreaders. This will help prevent punctures to the cell and breakages.

Step 10: Test Fly

Help us break the world box kite record


Build a box kite - or kites and bring them along.

We need about 150

- Test that your kite flies and go make another one. Try using different materials for the cells.
- Don't forget to put your name on the kite

Grantley test flies a train of four.