Brooxes Basic Box Kite

So, you want to build a box kite but you have a limited budget. Here is the kite for you from the American Kitefliers Association. This one is designed to fly in light to moderate winds and is very forgiving. About the most expensive part of the kite is the quarter you use as a template to cut some holes in the covering. Well, that and a few wooden dowels. Part 1 shows a drawing of the kite and includes a materials & tools list. Part 2 continues with the instructions and includes a few common sense flying rules. The hand scanner I am forced to use did distort the page a tiny bit, but just consider it another challenge in building the kite. :-) If all else fails, notice the address at the bottom of the second page. You can contact American Kitefliers Association. This is where my original plan came from.