Buka design specifications:

no drawings here...but...that's part of the fun...luckily 90 degree angles need few drawings...

a rectangle...

15" wide
10" - 11" high...(depending on whose ratios you believe)

leading edge spar....050 carbon
spine...050 carbon
corner to corner diagonals (2)...050 carbon

three point bridle top bridle points 1.25" either side of center attached to leading edge bow. bottom bridle point just below or right at where diagonals cross spine

leading edge spar bowed per korean.

all measurements and carbon specs given are open to experimentation. have a great time. let me know if this info is enough or more questions.

the thing is we're all playing with the buka design up here, modifying it, altering it using other ratios and trailing edge shapes...including all measurements and carbon sizes...so, although i am sure there is an optimum bridle leg length, size ratio and materials choice, no one has reported finding the ultimate golden fleece yet...

our attempt here is to make not only a wonderfully flying and unique kite, but also to make them light, fast, responsive and quick enough to blow our socks off...we're attempting to make them fly closer to an indian and less like a korean....we're short-line fighting them, so those characteristics are what we're searching after.

try making the center of the upper bridle loop hit the diagonal crossing point...then play more...let us know what you find out.

sharing is good.