This step-by-step guidance will go through
the creation of one piece of
4-lined manoevrable kite.

By Bjarne Høj Madsen

This kite was first introduced to the world in August 1991, and it "has no competitor what so ever within the family of 4-line kites" - this conclusion is based on many experiments with new shapes and by comparing with other kites home build as well as factory made.

Here a 'small' collection of the models that I have build.

Because of the size of this guidance (takes 193 seconds in all to download), I have decided to split it in to four chapters.

Chapter 1 (41 seconds) . All time estimates are based on a 28.800 baud modem)
Chapter 2 (74 seconds)
Chapter 3 (45 seconds)
Chapter 4 (33 seconds)

Handles and Lines for the Cassiopeia.

Here you see another Cassiopeia, this time I was inspired by the Dannebrog (name of our national flag).