Chupp Rotor

The files given here were provided by Gene Rock (, who reports coming across the Chupp Roto-Flyer in 1996 - the original seems to date from the '40s. He has documented it in the form of these excellent plans. The original Chupp Rotor was supposedly a stable flyer, however, Gene reports that his model, built to the plans though with a few short-cuts, requires a steady wind.

Copyright: Please note - I am not aware of any copyright or patents attached to these plans - they have been freely provided by Gene Rock. If you are aware of any copyright infringement, please contact me for a prompt rectification.

The plans are provided as a CADKEY file (right-click on the link to download, then unzip), which may be viewed, scaled and printed with the free CADKEY viewer. Alternatively, they may be viewed and printed as a PDF file, scaled for printing on A4 paper. But you will do best to print it on a laser printer and enlarge it on a photocopier.

Assembly instructions are given in PDF format.