Andrew Kinsman 5/9/2005
Circoflex GB kite.   Made from kitchen sized (24 inch wide) plastic garbage bag.
Circumference 48 inches
Diameter 15.3 inches
Radius 7.6 inches
Tow point distance in front of circle 50   percent of diameter equals 7.6 inches
Tow point distance up from bottom of circle 10   percent of diameter equals 1.5 inches
Bridle has 4 or 8 lines tied to single tow point.  Four works fine for heavy packing strap.
If you use thin or very flexible packing strap, 8 bridle lines work best.
In clock face type positions they are-
position length length as percentage of diameter
12:00 15.7 inches 103.0  
1:30 (optional) 14.8 inches   12.71808 97.1
3:00 12.4 inches   9.783542 81.2
4:30 (optional) 9.4 inches   5.448473 61.4
6:00 7.8 inches 51.0
7:30 (optional) 9.4 inches 61.4
9:00 12.4 inches 81.2
10:30 (optional) 14.8 inches 97.1
Carefully trim the bottom seam off the bag, producing a 48 inch circumference tube
of plastic.
Make eight 2 inch long pleats in the trailing edge, each 1/4 inch deep.  Tape with
scotch tape.   This makes the back of the kite smaller in diameter over the last
two inches.  Make sure pleats fold inward or trim them off for aesthetics. Space them
carefully around the circumference, every 45 degrees.
Make a 48 inch hoop of plastic packing strap, used to ship cardboard boxes.
Cut about 50 inches and overlap it 2 inches to make the correct circumference.
The hoop is heavy where it overlaps- make this the bottom centerline of the kite.
Tape the hoop with a few turns of clear packing tape.
Fold about an inch of the top rim of the bag over the hoop.
Tape with scotch tape.   Poke holes below rim at 45 degree intervals for the bridle lines.
Attach the bridle lines.  Bridle dimensions are critical to success.
Keep in mind heavy hoop overlap defines bottom centerline when attaching bridle lines.
A snap swivel is a nice addition on the main tow line if you have one.
Tape two pennies inside the kite along the bottom centerline.
One 6 inches from the back of the kite, another 6 inches in front
of the first.
Bridle lengths are provided as percentages of diameter if you must scale up/down
for different bag sizes.
Pull is light so fishing line is perfect.  Perhaps take the whole pole for easy retrieval?
Enjoy!     -Andy Kinsman