Dominator II 2.6m^2


On the plan of this kite I can be short; you need "Foilmaker" to read the .kte file and to print the templates of the kite. Visit the Foilmaker page here.

The .kte file

And as said, I've designed a bridle that's different of that Foilmaker generates.

Here is the bridle

Purple=primairy bridle Orange=secundairy bridle red= primairy brakebridle bleu=secundairy brakebridle

It seems not everyone can load the .kte file, so here are the needed foilmaker screenshot's with the settings.

For the people who have Autocad r14 or higher, here is the original acad drawing of the kite.

This kite is mentioned for the more experienced kitebuilder, so I don't give step to step instructions to build it. Just make sure the crossventing and the bridle points are good reinforced. The bridle measurements are in centimeters and _without_ extra length for the knots.

The bridle is crossed on primairly level, I've done this to keep the shape of the kite the same when steering or flying in a straight line.