kiteplan and picture © by Ralf Beutnagek


Ralf Beutnagel realized 1994 the DOPERO (Douple Pearson Roller) by side-by-side arrangement of two Pearson roller.
The DOPERO is a kite with strong pull and very good for KAP


all meassures in cm
kiteplan translations:

4 x 150cm CFK 8mm (10mm GFK) ø
3 x 150cm CFK 10mm (12mm GFK) ø
1 x 100cm CFK 2mm ( 3mm GFK)
about 5m fabrics
dacron for the sleeve of the lower sail and for reinforcement
band for the middle stretches between the two sails
line and tensions adjusters

The lower cross-spar is fit into a dacron sleeve.
Along the cross-spars and the spines the sail is reinforced with dacron ( 2 cm wide)
There is a spine across the two keels.

spines 10 mm CFK. (150 cm + 50 cm)
cross-spars 8 mm CFK (2x150 cm)
for the keels use 2 mm CFK

At the cross-points the sail is adjusted with bands.
The kite is stretched about 32-36 cm. (with tension adjusters)
In the centre both sails are bound together with band. At the outher end they are tied with adjustable lines

the kite needs a four point bridle(w1, w2, w3, w4).
length of the bridle-lines:
w1 + w2 : 450 cm
w3 + w4 : 322 cm + 122 cm

use a 180 daN (300 lb) flight line

1997 Hilmar Rilling