The EddyBow.

1 , 2 , 3 , Eddy

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  1. Read these instructions before you start.
  2. For every 10 Eddy's you need:
    2.1 meter Carrington or Toray Chikara (width more then 150 cm)
    1 meter Dacron, width 2.5 cm
    10 x 50 cm Ramin wood for the spine, diameter 6 mm
    18 meter of line, Dacron 80 kg (10 meter + 4 meter for the begin + 4 meter for the end of the bow). You could also use Kevlar or Twaron. My EddyBow has 60 Eddy's in 6 colors and uses 6x10+4+4=68 meter Dacron line.

  3. Stretch the new line firmly between a car and a tree and leave it for a day or so. Wet it several times and stretch it a little more. This will "set" your new line.
  4. ALL sizes are without hem (not used). See the pattern.
  5. Transfer the pattern to a piece of wood. Do the fretwork carefull.
    Use the wooden pattern to cut the Carrington or Toray Chikara.
  6. Cut 10 Eddy's and cut 30 tails (each 2.5 cm width and 150 cm long) from 2 meter Carrington or Toray Chikara (both approx. 150 cm width).
  7. Cut 20 pieces of 4.5 cm dacron (2.5 cm width).
  8. Fold the dacron pieces at approx. 2 cm (giving 0.5 cm overlap on one side). These will be the pockets for the Ramin stick.
  9. Sew a dacron pocket on the top of each Eddy.
  10. Sew a dacron pocket (with 3 tails between the fabric and the dacron) on the bottom of each Eddy.

  11. When all Eddy's are ready:
    Sew one Eddy at the start of every whole meter (4, 5, .. etc) of the Dacron line. While you sew you will have to stretch the Dacron line with your hands. Otherwise the fabric is cut when the line is stretched when all the Eddy's fly in the air. You did it correct when the sewed on Eddy is crinkling on the dacron line and when you stretch the line the crinkles are gone. That is what will happen when you fly the EddyBow. Don't forget the extra 4 meter at the begin and end of the end before you start sewing.
  12. Determine the correct length of the Ramin spine for a perfect fit in the pockets on the Eddy. Mine was about 46.5 cm.
  13. Remove sharp edges from the Ramin ends and fit them in the pockets.
  14. Check the photo's.
  15. There are 2 more Eddy's with tail in the remainder of the fabric.

The Pattern.

10 eddy's (or 12 ?).