10ft Flexifoil.

Power kites are the way of the future. An adrenalin rushing and environmentally friendly sport. Using these kites you can propel yourself through the sky or be dragged kicking and screaming (with a smile on your face) accross the ground. Finally you can fulfill all those childhood dreams of flight!.

Unfortunately power kites can be rather expensive to buy, so presented here are the plans and instructions for building one yourself. From experience, the home-made kite is more satisfying to fly, and allows you limitless room for experimentation and choice of colours and sizes. The plans presented here will build you a kite similar to the Flexifoil shown above.

I have now made four kites using this pattern, 1 X 1.8m in length, 2 X 2.4m, and 1 X 3m. I have added these to the 1.8m Flexifoil that I bought. I would recommend that you start by buying a flexifoil, and then as you hunger for more power and experimentation you can start building your own. The bought flexifoil serves as a guide as you build the first kite. When flown stacked (one above the other), a light breeze is enough to get me jumping about and skidding everywhere. To decide on the size of the kite you wish to build see size notes.

What you will need: