freedom 2000
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 freedom's babies ...
Here are pictures of the Freedom 2000's  "children"  ... 
The first who "dared" was  Joergen ! It was on november 2000, 
Markus has built the first Finnish  freedom (Helsinki) on april 2001. A beautiful picture from Northern countries !

and many more on his site :

Bob did the first english release on july 2001.
to face this international success, I have been obliged to translate my site freedom2000 in english !
Evert built this wonderful freedom from Netherlands on August  2001.
It's the first "curtains flight" of a freedom !
The first French is Gaël ! It was on August 2001 too.
Wim is the second one from Netherlands, always on August 2001 !
David : the first freedom made in USA  october 2001!

Qu'il est beau ! (it's the first one on the picture !)

David said : "A friend with a Rev 1.5 SLE says my kite flies much better than his, and he's right!" ! 

Merci "my Houston's friend" -:)

Umberto, in France, he built three freedoms : Great ! ...

and furthermore, they are all wondeful !

Umberto : second one !
Umberto : third on october 2001 !