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We have used this paper bag sled kite to build thousands of kites. Enlarge plan and use on any standard 14"x21" paper bag. A 3" gusset works best, that's the space between the two halves of the bag). If you send us a stamped, self-addressed 8-1/2"x11" envelope we'll mail you one bag. Kits which include detailed instructions, flying line and kite are available for $2.00 plus shipping.

To get your free kite plans, click here and print the plans at full size.

In case you can't read the printout, print out these steps for putting your free kite together:
First of all, grab some scissors, tape, string, crayons and a glue stick.

1. TAPE: Place 3 pieces of tape in the areas marked "TAPE HERE" to reinforce bridle holes. You will cut this tape through the guidelines in step 2.

2. CUT: Cut off the top and bottom of bag along the dotted guideline. Holding the bag open, cut out the 2 yellow triangles from this side of the bag ONLY.

3. GLUE: Using the glue stick, glue the gusset together on both sides of the bag.

4. COLOR: Color your kite with crayons or markers.

5. PUNCH: Using a hole punch or a pencil, punch out the bridle holes where you applied the three pieces of tape.

6. ATTACH: Attach a bridle and string. Cut a 6 foot length of line and tie each end to one of the punched out bridle holes. Tie a loop to the very center of the line. Attach flight line to the loop.

7. TAIL: Add a tail if the wind is moderate to strong.

FLYING YOUR KITE: With the wind at your back, have a friend hold the kite overhead about 20 feet downwind. Holding the line tight, signal your friend to release the kite into the air. Pull the string hand over hand until the kite gains altitude, then let-out line so the kite can climb in the sky! NEVER FLY A KITE NEAR POWER LINES OR IN STORMY WEATHER!

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