How to make a Fuzzie Tail

We've been asked many times how to make this tail.
It's very simple to do.

You need:
  • Strips of ripstop, 4" wide (10 cm), with a pencil mark drawn down the center (lengthwise) as a guide.
  • Narrow ribbon, 1/4" wide (6 mm), grosgrain or satin.
    The cheaper the better! Some fabric stores sell it in 10 yard spools on sale for 99 cents. We stock up on black and white when its on sale.
Here's how it's done:
  • Lay the ribbon over the pencil mark on the ripstop strip and sew it on with a zig-zag or a straight stitch. (Andrew Beattie would of course use the latter :-)
  • Keep adding ripstop strips, butting them end-to-end, until the tail is the desired length (10 ft is a good length). Leave a few extra inches of ribbon to sew a loop.
  • Snip the ripstop strip at approx. 1-inch intervals on either side of the ribbon. Don't cut into the ribbon! It's not necessary to make the cuts at exactly 1 inch intervals -- just wing it.
  • Make a loop with the extra ribbon at one end, and you're done!

[Here's the diagram if you cannot see in-line GIF images]

These look especially nice when 2 tails of contrasting colors are used together.

Thanks to Scott Skinner who told us how to make these.

Last Updated Aug 3, 1996