Construction Plan for
Indian Fighter


This kite constitutes the basic model used in India during festivals and in combats. It exists essentially in two sizes. Here, I give you the sizes of the larger model. As usual, you can use traditional paper or more modern materials such as tyvek or mylar.

length : AB 53 cm
width : CD 60 cm
sides : AC-AD 41 cm CB-DB 39 cm
Rear sail : EK-FL 8 cm GE-GF 12 cm EB-BF 9 cm GB 11,5 cm
Bridle : AS 9 cm
BI 16 cm
HS 22 cm
HI 29 cm
Folds at the wing tips : C-D 1cm X 12 cm
Arc : CSD 76 cm
The arc is made out of bamboo (3mm) or a fibreglass rod (2mm).
This arc will be stuck to the inside of the wingtip pockets.

The central spine, similarly, is made out of a piece of bamboo (a piece 3x2 mm will do nicely).
Reinforce the top of the kite and adjust the bridle: your kite is ready.

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© Christophe SALOME Last update 22-Mars-96
(Translated from the French by Philip Le Riche)