Construction Plan for
JM Favourite

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This kite is equally suitable for beginners and experienced flyers. It is the first that I built and the one that gave me the desire to follow this passionate activity. You can use tyvek, mylar or other materials for the construction of this model.

length : AB 45,5 cm (18 1/4 in)
width : CD 40,5 cm (16 1/4 in)
Sides : AC-AD 24 cm (9 3/4 in) CE-DF 11 cm (4 1/2 in) EB-FB 30 cm (12 in)
Bridle : AS 6,5 cm (2 3/4in)
BI 14 cm (5 1/2 in)
HS 19 cm (7 1/2in)
HI 24 cm (9 3/4in)
folds at the wingtips : C-D 2cm (3/4in) X 1cm (3/8in) Arc : CSD 42.5 cm (17in)

The arc is made out of bamboo (3mm) or a piece of fibreglass rod (2mm).
This arc will be stuck to the inside of the wingtip pockets.

The central spine is similarly made out of a pice of bamboo. (A piece 3x2 mm will do the job.)
Reinforce the point and adjust the bridle: your kite is ready.

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(Translated from the French by Philip Le Riche)