Kite Lights

by Alberto Bonati

Fly at night it with kites is an experience to try.
See fly illuminated kites is still more beautiful and with this easy project you will build your nighttime lights.
They are enough some LED diodes and a battery and the play is made.

LED diodes are those small bright sources omnipresent in all electric apparatuses, usually of red or green or yellow color, that is possible to find in every electronic components shops.
They are preferable of brightness type that are seen from far away, the color doesn't matter and depends on the tastes.

Because they works to around 2 volt, using a normal 9 volt battery you must put four or five of them in series like illustrated in underlying picture .
You have to make attention to don't reverse the two terminals polarity because otherwise the LED is burnt, it's enough to remember that the positive terminal is a little bit longer than the other .



As you can see in picture , I have used two LED series placed ondelta longerons with the battery fixed in central position.
It's necessary to connect all the LED with pieces of thin cable by means of welding because otherwise the electric contact won't ever be good, for fix them they at kite could be used plastic clips as well as velcro strips.

Replacing any LED with an intermittent light type one (one for each wing in the illustrated example), all others LED will flash also.

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