Free to download, and free to use!

These programs are all e-mail ware.   This means that if you use them the only reward I want for the time and effort to write them is that you send me a quick note and/or picture of your kite related object.   I wrote these programs to give back to the kiting community some of what they have given to me over the years.   If you wish to link to this page or include any of these programs on a program compilation CD then contact me for permission (I haven't turned down anyone yet!)   I just like to know who is using my program(s) and what city and country they live in.


  NPW9b VULTURE Calculator (Version 1.1.11)  


            * NEW * Supports multi-languages  * NEW *   


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  The latest entry in the NASA Parawing line of kites.   These are single skin traction kites that do not require spars of any kind.   The kite is entirely "soft".   This program will allow you build a traction kite from 0.73m² to a 95.68m² in area.   Sizes over 5m² should only be attempted by experienced fliers.

  These type of kites are widely regarded as one of the most simple kite sewing projects, yet you end up with a strong pulling, fun kite.

You enter how many centimeters tall you wish the kite to be, the program gives you all other dimensions.


  Construction details are given in step-by-step instruction forms.

  Requires 1024 x 768 resolution screen. (Windows OS only)


 Beware that these traction kites can generate massive pull and improper use can result in injury or even death.


This ZIP file contains the English, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and French language files.

Coming soon:  Spanish, German

Others in the works: Swedish, and Polish.

If you do not see your language listed here and wish to translate, drop me a note at the mail address on the left.   


Additions from the "old" English only version:

 -bridle and flying line recommendations

- kite size recommendations based on body weight and wind conditions

- detailed information on Q extensions, fids and braided line loss.


   eNPW5 Calculator  (Version 1.0.0)  

 Enhanced NASA Wing PROGRAM


  You enter how tall you want the kite to be - the program

  gives you all other dimensions.  For construction details

  download the NPW9b program above.

  Construction is the same for both types of  kites.

  Requires 1024 x 768 resolution screen. (Windows OS only)


 Beware that these traction kites can

 generate massive pull and improper use

 can result in injury or even death.



  KITE FLIER CONVERSION (Version 1.10)  


A conversion utility for kitefliers.

Weight -- Speed -- Temperature -- Distance -- Area

 (Windows OS only)



  Tom-EEE! & Kel-EEE! (Version 0.5.00) 


 * (beta)*

Build your own human shape drogue to tow behind your favourite kite.

Requires 800 x 600 resolution screen.

(Windows OS only)


Beware that these drogues will generate massive amounts of fun!



  Kite Tube Tail Calculator (Version 1.0.00) 



Have you ever wondered how best to make use of a width of material to cut into strips to make an inflatable tube tail?  Just adjust the desired tube diameter and width of material and the program will show you how many strips you can cut and how much waste will be left over. You can also use it to determine how to cut strips to be utilized for any kite project.   This program does not give any directions on how to make a tail.

Requires 640 x 480 resolution screen.

(Windows OS only)


  Kite Bag Calculator (Version beta 0.9.60) 



Have you wanted to make your own drawstring kite bag?  This program allows you to scale the bag from the size of a small cup, to a bag large enough to hold a 5 person tent.   Full instructions on how to build the bag are included.




Requires 800 x600 resolution screen.

(Windows OS only)