Construction Plan for
Matt Star Fighter

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length : AB 34 cm (13,5 in)
width : CD 40 cm (16 in)
Sides : AC-AD 23 cm (9,25 in) CB-DB 31,5 cm (12,5 in)
Bridle : AS 4,5 cm (1,75in)
SI 19,5 cm (7,75in)
BI 9,5 cm (3,75 in)
HS 14 cm (5,5in)
HI 18,5 cm (7,5in)
Tails : C-D 13 cm (5,25in) B 25 cm (10 in)
Folds at the corners of the sail : C-D 10cm (4in) X 2cm (3/4in) Arc CSD 43 cm (17,25in)

The arc is made out of bamboo or a piece of fibreglass rod (2mm).
This arc must be flexible and slim for this very lively and rapid little kite. It is glued inside the folds on the sail.

The spine, similarly, is made out of a piece of bamboo (a 2mm piece will do the job).
Reinforce the point of the kite and adjust the bridle: you are ready for the test flight.

© Philippe Gallot - Making & Flying Fighters Kites - Batsford

© Christophe SALOME Last update 31-jan-96
(Translated from the French by Philip Le Riche)