(last updated: 11.9.97)


In the picture you see a stack with two Megué stacked. Last weekend I flew with three stacked with a wind of 25 kmh. It took some force to control the kite, but the stack was flying excellently.
I am sure I will build one or two Megué more.

Way to prepare the kite for easy stacking and unstacking

I attached small lines (about 5 centimeters) of 100kg flying line to each edge of the kite and to the middle connector between the two sides of the kite. At the loose end I made a knot. All this knots should be in the same distance to the kite. How you are connecting this tails to the kite depends on the system of the split nocks you are using (may you are using nocks with a hole).
To be sure, that the tails won't slip away during the flight, they need to be fixed on the nocks. I used rings of tube which I put on the nocks.

To this tails the seven line between the kites will be attached.

At the first kite you need first of all the bridle and one set of 7 tails pointing to the next kite. At the last kite in the stack you need one set of tails pointing to the previous kite. At all the other kites you need two sets of seven tails. One pointing to the previous kite, the other pointing to the next kite.

The seven lines with which you are connecting two kites together, should all be the same lengt with a loop of about 3 cm on both end.
I am flying the stack with a distance of about 1,5 m between the kites. This works excellent.

This way, you are able to connect more than one kite in a short time together and disconnect them in the same short time without disassembling the whole kites.
If you are flying a single kite, this small tails aren't disturbing.

Now good look and enjoy your Megué Stack

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