Mezger Roloplan

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In the late 50's the kitebuilder Erwin Mezger from Stuttgart created the "Mezger Drachen". In the following years his kite was seen in the sky over Stuttgart Killesberg park.

Typical is the arrow design (blue - white) and the small banner.
The Mezger-Drachen is a special kite for the low breeze of southern Germany.
wind range: -4 bft line: 80 pt

my own design Mezger Roloplan




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plan translation:
Schwanzfahne = banner, HŠlfte = half size
Waage = bridle, Stabtasche = sleeve
SpannschnŸre = stretching line, Winkel = angle
OuerstŠbe = cross spars, LŠngsstab = spine

all measures in cm

1 x 203 cm CFK 8mm ¿
2 x 91 cm CFK 6mm ¿
2 x 78 cm CFK 6mm ¿
2 connectors (2 Eddy-connector)
ca. 3m fabrics
stretching lines
line for the 4 point bridle


1999 Hilmar Rilling

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