Migenk By Fred Broadhead Drawing by Jim White


         After repeated requests here is 'Migenk'. It's
         one for the light winds many of us groan at,
         having to reach for the Desperato's, yet again.
         It Is basically a Genki with a more Bleriot
         vintage, bat-like silhouette rather than the
         plank-like original. Mine is made from ripstop
         with a ripstop hem.  Mylar, Icarex, carbon
         fibre spars could be used to enhance its
         performance further.
         To make it is simple. The cover is one piece,
         all spars fit into pockets, spars should all have
         slight tension, the inner ends of the four
         spreaders fit into pockets sewn onto the
         The two cross junctions are held in position
         by tapes sewn on the rear of the cover at
         each cross point.  Spars should be cut to
         lengths as required. The cross spar must be
         tensioned with a bow string to a degree that
         at its centre it stands about 4 inches away
         from the cross-spar, a bit more for more
         winds, and less for less. I use a small four-
         hole shirt button as a slider (in preference to a
         two holer), if the line is tied thru one hole and
         returned thru the two adjacent holes it
         slightly skews the button and grips the line
         Removing the spreaders, either all four or just
         a pair, will also coax it into the wind when all
         else fails. It gets a bit skittish when the wind
         picks up but my guess is that a carbon fibre
         cross spar could improve that. A four foot
         length of dowel must have a variable grain and
         therefore flex.
         The plan as drawn shows all straight edges for
         simplicity, mine has slightly scalloped edges
         everywhere  apart  from  the  two  outer
         sections of the leading edge.  Having flown
         this one, anchored down for hours where full
         size Genkis couldn't get off the deck, I am
         sure that its success is largely due to the bow-
         string. Full size Genki owners might like to
         take note.
         The drogue is made from four panels each 
	   8inches long, tapering from 3inches to 1inch.
         That's it folks
         Fred Broadhead, Telford