MKF Sled Kite Plan
Light weight carrier bag polythene
2 thin sticks 12" long - BBQ sticks, 3mm dowel or drinking straws
Tail streamer 6ft long - 2" strip of carrier bag or similar
Thin string or button thread for bridle
Sellotape (not magic tape)
Lots of thin string for flying line

Cut kite shape as shown.

(The plan can be scaled up or down as necessary, or converted into millimetres.)

Place the two sticks in position at the corners of the kite.

Secure top and bottom of sticks with sellotape.

Fold over any extra tape at the top and bottom.

Cut the bridle line approximately 6ft (6 x height of the kite).

Tie one end of the bridle line to stick.

Secure with tape through point of wing, as shown.

Try to smooth tape down without wrinkles.

Repeat on the other side.

- For larger kites, tie string to sticks first.
- It's easier with two people - one holding, one sticking.

Fold kite in half, bringing the two points together.

Tie a loop in the centre of the bridle.

Attach flying line to the loop.

Tape streamer tail (6ft x 2") on to each bottom corner.

(In strong winds the tail can be cut into two equal pieces).

Your kite is now ready to fly but remember -

Safe Kite Flying is Happy Kite Flying

so observe the following at all times:-

- 200 feet maximum flying height.

- Do not fly near overhead cables of any sort.

- Do not fly over roads, railways or buildings.

- Do not fly within 3 miles of where aeroplanes take off.

- Do not fly over people or near animals, especially horses.

MKF Sled Kite Plan
Many, many thanks to MKF Hon. President Derek Kuhn for the original plan of this kite - especially as it is virtually guaranteed to fly!
This plan can be freely used, provided no commercial advantage or favour is granted.
Please acknowledge The Midlands Kite Fliers on any copy of the plan you may print out. Thanks.