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This is my first attempt at fighter kite design. I considered five main design factors:
  1. height
  2. width
  3. wingtip pos
  4. bow arc pos
  5. bottom bridal
I compared these factors of following kites: B.A.S.F., Donna's Dog, Dot-01, Dot-02, Dragonfly, Huntin' Dog, Kula, NAFKA Std 03, Roo, Silhouette, Slow Dog, SmallSly Dog. I did some guessing and some tweaking and hoped it would fly. Your input welcome!
The MUK-01 plan from a CAD drawing provided by Dennis Ische ( in inches[mm] (NOTE: See plans below for current revision.)

Here is how I did the carbon spine. With beeswax on the lines and keeping the double larks head knot tight it has worked well.
Here is a one page plan for the MUK-01.2. You can enlarge it with a photocopier to make a full-size template or use the measurements to make one. Here is the full size template for the MUK-01.2. When you print it with Acrobat Reader, make sure the "Shrink oversized pages.." checkbox is NOT checked in the print dialog box.

MUK-01.2 Dual-Tone
July 28, 2003
This kite made of red and blue "Cellophane" has a 0.05" carbon bow, a 0.07" fiberglass spine and was built using Elmer's Neroprene Contact Cement. I may add the battens later, though it flys great!

MUK-01s Built in Vienna, Austria

07/10/03 Some of the first MUK-01s ever built were built by Gerhard Zitzmann, of Vienna, Austria. Check out this gallery of beautiful MUK-01s. Great construction ideas!