The Incredible Nasa Wing

NOTE: This is NOT the usual Nasawing you find on other sites: this one is altered to give it better performance. The nose section as well as the bridling have been altered: it has more speed and pull and a bigger window compared to the original wing.

This is truly an amazing kite: a single skin soft kite that is easy to make and that can be flown as two or quad line...if there is any wind it will fly!
Folded up the line and handles will take more space than the 3 m2 kite: It's the true backpackers dream.
It can be built as a 1 m^2 funkite or even a 5 m^2 beast.
I made a complete step by step description of a 2.3 square meters Nasawing: these mesurements were chosen to make it as economical as possible out of 1 meter wide ripstop.

You can find the complete description of the Enhanced Nasawing

I've made a small Win95 prog to calculate the Enhanced Nasawing in any size.
It includes the description on these pages and it's about 440K in size.
You can download it HERE

You can find the original plans of this kite at Buck Childers website