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ninja variations for all who need more . . . . .

variations of the urban ninja kite:

the smooth ones

very close to the original: the plan shows the leading edges with avia.125 - 3.1 mm carbon tubes, they weigh 7.5 g/m. using 2.9 mm carbon tubes at 6 g/m of the same length in the leading edges, the urban ninja will fly a bit smoother and less lively. the trade off: backflip jojos are hard to complete. our factory made production ninjas and the building sets come in this configuration.

for an even calmer version you can use the 2.9 mm carbon tubes for the whole frame, including spine and spreader. the kite will act slower and more precise, but with a reduced wind range in higher winds: it will be simply blown away farther in a flatspin, for instance. the smoothest: use 3.0 mm 5.2 g/m carbon tubes in the leading edges, but these pultruded spars are quite pricey. if you should not be able to find these light tubes: we have both, the 2.9 mm as well as the 3.0 mm qualities in stock.

my personal favorite ninja is completely framed with avia.125 tubes. but it's scaled up to 104%, thus, for example, the spine is 1.04 m long. the behavior in flight is smooth and precise. due to the bigger size the feedback to the hand is agreable for me, particularly in zerowind flights.
this version will be slightly extensive for the kite builder: you have to look for tubes in 2 m length and the white center panel is wider than the 1.40 m icarex roll is. so it will have to be layed out and cut lengthwise, consuming 1.50 m of the fabric. details like the nose ore the wingtips are not scaled.

the original urban ninja as in the plan is the good complement to a synergetic glider kite like the lwh. play around by day with the ninja and a little wind, in the calm evening take your well adjusted long way home for high soaring . . .

more on carbon tubes, a flight in the swiss alps and spanish ninjas . . . . .

light carbon tubes | a flight with a 104% ninja kite |   ext. link urban ninjeros . . .

the bad

kite festival schaffhausen 2007: the next to last prototype was flown in public testing
kite meeting fraubrunnen 2007: the last prototype was successful in zero to stronger winds
kite festival brittnau 2007: the kite is finished
for a drastic flying stile, including loops: look for a 870 mm long 4 mm solid fiberglass rod now . . . . .
tension the y-line until you like the radius of the loops. this kite flies in any wind, from zero to strong, with decreasing nonchalance.

ninja kite the bad in a loop

the plan in english to complement to the original ninja kite article: 
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some loops with urban ninja the bad: see a movie . . . . .  |    mov   |   wmv   |
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