Download the bridle file at the center of the page

NPW-HA plan

These are pictures from the first flight of my NPW-HA

These were made after i changed the nose:

video New noose: close up TE and LE:
close-up video
For a high quality video (3MB) send me a E-mail.

video: NPW-HA in a Blue sky:
Blue sky video

video: backwards:

A real nice video with music from Tom "Kiteman" White.
NPW-HA 3.5m2 video

These are my impressions after changing the nose:
The problems with the center nose collapsing are gone advantages:

slightly more complex to make: to do :

The bridle file is replaced with the beta version of Tom white's NPW9b program

Tom was so kind to adapt his marvelous NPW9B program especially for the NPW-HA, Thank you Tom
All math and calculations are correct and we are waiting for multiple language translations before taking it out of beta.

The program is available in three languages: English
click here for the NPW-HA traction kite making program (beta version)
Het programma is beschikbaar in het Nederlands:
click hier voor het NPW-HA programma (beta version)
Le programme est disponible en Français:
Cliquer ici pour le programme NPW-HA construire un cerf volant de traction (beta version)

Il programma è disponibile in 3 lingue: Italian
Clicca qua per il programma di costruzione del kite da trazione NPW-HA (Beta version)"

Das NPW-HA Programm gibt's auch auf deutsch
Klicke, um das Programm herunter zu laden

for those who like the excel more: klick here

How to trim your NPW-HA:
When you have build a NPW-HA according the program,
You can improve the window and speed:

First adjust the Qlines on the brakes in such a way that when you fly straight up in the middle of the window , and you let go of the brakes the WHOLE TE starts flapping at once.
To me this is very important for window as well as manoeuvrability
After the brake adjustment let out the Q-lines of the center panel ( or shorten the Q-lines to A-B-C-bridle of the outer panel)
This modif was incorporated in the published plans but maybe it can use some more.
After that repeat the brake trim as described above.

The Hall of fame:
These are some pictures from a young New Zealand Kite builder William, Who made this NPW-HA beginning 05/2004 using the info from this page.
Thanks to William I was able to find a serious mistake in the excel file.

These are pictures from the 5sqm NPW-HA built end of 05/2004 by Larry Green and his friend Rick Longhurst from Canada.
He wrote:"Both Rick and myself were impressed with the speed of take leaps into the air and seems to be even faster in that regard than a 9b. The winds dropped to less than 5 KPH towards the end of the session but it was still flying well and the pull in those winds was nothing short of amazing! It felt as though the flying lines were attached to a brick wall instead of a kite! We were able to do backwards flying with absolutely no collapse, reverse turns and 'bow tie' spins and reverse landings are a breeze although it does pull hard as it drops through the power zone even with the brakes on!"
This is Larry and Karen's
vulture made for Bill:

This is Tom White's 3.5sqm made on sunday june 27 2004:
"I adjusted the Q extension leg distances and ended up with the kite flying about 85% as well as I expected it to. I will try out some more adjustments later this week and see what difference it makes. The bowtie spins and braking were excellent, the pull was very good at times and I did not see any collapse or flapping that could not be attributed to low wind conditions at lower altitude. "

For a very nice video of this kite.Go here:

(Switch the sound on!)

This is Tom White's 3.5sqm made on July 9 and July 13 2004 together with A 5 sqm NPW-HA from Chris Roszkowski

Paul Wierinck made this fast and agile 2sqm:

This kite is made by: Ludovic size 2.5 sqm

Kai Issler' s 6sqm:

From Eberhard Schmidt-Sommer his 5sqm NPW-HA:

From Spikey_Dave: 6sqm green and white.

He also wedged it 10% at the trailing edge to keep the LE parallel to the TE.
This is not done to improve the flying characteristics but to build this:

From Gianluca:A 2,90mq Nasa Parawing HA his first home build kite!!
His photos were taken during 26th Kite Festival at Cervia (Italy) - see - at the end of April 2006.

This one, 8sqm, is from Valkeneaers Frederik also riding his buggy at the Belgium coast:

Duch NPW HA 5m2:
powerkiting Jeroen kiteopa

NPW from Singapore made by Chin WI