Pearson Roller

Alexander Pearson, an english kitebuilder, developed this roller in the 70's. It was a simplified version of the Roloplan.
There's only a two point bridle and a typical keel fin at the back sail.


plan translations:

Kiel = keel fin
FlÅ chenwinkel = angle

all measures in cm

1 x 165cm CFK 8mm ø
4 x 82,5cm CFK 6mm ø
2 Eddy-connectors
ca. 3m fabrics
band for the middle stretch between the two sails
lines for the stretches at the edges of the sails
bridle line

sails and keel:
Connect the two sails in middle with a band. 2 lines between the 2 sails, with tension adjusters.
There's a spine across the keel fin.

spine 8 mm CFK
cross-spars 6 mm (8 mm) CFK

two point bridle (w1, w2)
lenght of the bridle lines:
w1 : 102 cm
w2 : 152 cm

use a 40 daN (80 lb) fliht line

© 1997 Hilmar Rilling