The Phantom Stunt Kite

Originally spared with Beman Pro=Competition graphite. The Phantom gets four stars for precision and turning abilities.  We give it three stars for speed.  The wind range is approximately 4-20mph. The retail price of this kite is anywhere from $248 to $269.  See a review of the Phantom in SKQ Volume 2. No. 2 spring 1990.

To keep this construction expense down we have used AFC graphite 2200 on the spice, 2100 for the rest.  This has not noticeably sacrificed the performance.   Phantom's are easy to construct and are adaptable to many different graphics.

Create a master patter on a preferred type of pattern material.  I recommend Oac Tag.  The seam and hem allowance have not been added to the dimensions above.   3/4 inch ripstop must also be added to the leading edge to be sandwiched into a   leading edge.

The leading edge is made of two inch 1.5 ouce ription nylon.  3.9 ounce Dacron is used as a spreader cut outs, and wing tips to accommodate the bungee cord.  Dacron is also used the pocket at the bottom of the spice  at the noise of the kite.  The nose uses additional seatbelt webbing for reinforcing.

The recommended sew sequence is Hem C. Sew C:B (hem B as C is attached to B).   Sew CB:A (hem a as BC is attached to A).  Sew Leading edges.  Sew reinforcements.

Bridle: Unlike many "American" kites, the fixed leg of the bridle is from the T-Bracket to the swivel this finished lenght is 27.5". The adjustable length is 27.75" from the upper spreader to the swivel and 27.5" from the swivel to the lower leading edge cutout.

Material List:

.75 oz. Ripstop Nylon approx. 2 yards
2.9 oz. 3" Dacron 1/2 yard
3.9 oz. 2" Dacron 1 yard
1.5 oz. 2" Ripstop 5 yards
Seatbelt Webbing 1/2 yard
AFC 2100 7
AFC 2200 (spine) 2
3/32 Fiberglass (stand off) 16 inches
Nock cap: 2100 2
Arrow Nock .25" 2
End cap: .25" 3
Bungi 3/32 1/2 yard
Epoxy A20 (L-Edge) 6 inches
Metal Ferrel 2200 (spine) 1
Metal Ferrel 2100 (T-Bkt) 1
Reinforced Tubing (T Bracket) 1/4 x 1/2 2
Plastic Tubing 7/32 x 11/32 12
130 lb. Bridle line approx. 5 yrd
Aluminum Ring 1/2" 2
Upper Spreader 19.75"

Sail plan in Megacad format
Sail plan in Autocad R14 format phantom.dxf