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Ram Air Pocket Sled

sledplan The Plan

Sail..............: 3/4 oz ripstip nylon
Frame..........: none
Full sized ....: 50cm high (abt 20 inches)
Wind speed.: light to 15mph
Weight.........: light

This is a design that's been around a while. I've seen disposible plastic versions about and know that several manufacturers make something similar in ripstop. My first version was a project with my kids using mylar and scotch tape. Later I did some in ripstip and put together this plan for a friend. We've made several as gifts for our childrens friends. The dimension is such that you can get two main body sections out of standard 41" width ripstop. It can be sized up but gets to a point that you need battons (1.5 - 2mm Fiberglass) along the A seams for support at which time it really ceases to be a "pocket kite".

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