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Quad Kite Handles

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rev.handle.01.jpg My first pass at Long throw handles
The handle on the right is "exploded" to show how they're put together.
The materials are ½ inch aluminum tubing, ½ inch binder bolts (a screw within a screw, if you will), 4 or 5 mm line (for the end loops), ½ inch vinyl chair slides (for the end caps), and automobile heater hose with ½ inch I.D. for the handles. That's a 15 inch ruler to the left for perspective.

Construction: Bent the tubing; drilled the holes at each end using a hand drill (easier to do if the tubing is bent first. Use a center punch to keep the drill bit from sliding off the tubing); used a couple different files and some emery paper to remove all sharp edges and burrs; slid the heater hose on (a REAL PITA); made 4 equal length end loops and attached them by pushing the knot into the end of the handle, inserted the binder bolt into the holes at the end making sure it went through the end loop; drill a hole in the vinyl end cap for the end loop and push the end cap on so the heads of the binder bolt are covered (putting the end caps in a glass of hot tap water softened them enough to make it easier).

Dimensions(approximate): 17" throw, 130º bend, 5½ inches from top to elbow, 13½ inches from elbow to bottom. I cut a 36 inch length of tubing in half to make this pair of handles.

rev.handle.02.jpg I really hated the feel of the heater hose handles. I replaced them with Hypalon® fishing grips. Much more comfortable . . .
The grips are now about 1¼ inches in diameter.

tube.bender.jpg The tubing bender that I used.
Bought from Harbor Freight. It took a little work with a file to smooth out rough edges on the casting before it worked properly.

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