Kite Line Dressing.

An article in the kite magazine "De Vlieger" 1998 no.2 by Jan de Lange triggered me. Why knot the line decoration in kite line ?? He used a "quickboom" (quicktree ?) as used to attach a bait line to the fish line (sea fishing). Only I didn't like the "quickboom". Thus I tried to simplify the "quickboom". Check the photo's to see what came out.
Its made of 7.5 cm iron thread (1 mm thick) or a bicycle spoke. Unknown at this point is how much kg it can endure. But I intend to make one for a big rotating ring (or basket).

The line is wrapped 3-7 times around the thread. The decoration is attached, with a clip, to the eye. The eye points to the kite.

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