Plans for the Ram
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All I've done so far is copy the templates onto graph paper and scan them in (more time consuming than you think!) but if your that keen the scanned images are here until I get them drawn up properly.

Ram 1 of 5
Ram 2 of 5
Ram 3 of 5
Ram 4 of 5
Ram 5 of 5

Or... all joined in one huge file (right click and save-as)


Before you rush out to invest a small fortune in ripstop and carbon you should be aware that this is a fairly old school kite, it is not like a modern pitch happy French kite. I have rolled it up but that was an afterthought not part of the original design concept. Feel free to slap some weight on it if you like but I don't want to mislead anyone, do not build this and then complain that it doesn't yo-yo or comet, you have been warned!

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