NASA Resources for the Girl Scout Aerospace Badge

ACTIVITY 3: Go Fly a Kite

Make and fly your own kite. What type of wind makes your kite fly best?
What can you try to make the kite fly better?

Project Suggestions:


  • The sled kite is very simple to make and fly. It is a good one for the beginner. Tips on how to fly them are included. Notice the difference using a tail makes.

  • Challenge girls to decorate their kites with Girl Scout or aerospace themes. Offer small prizes for interesting designs.

Above and Beyond:




Further Reading

The Magnificent Book of Kites: Explorations in Design, Construction, Enjoyment & Flight by Maxwell Eden, May 2000
Easy-To-Make Decorative Kites: Step-By-Step Instructions for 9 Models from Around the World by Alan Bridgewater & Gil Bridgewater
25 Kites That Fly by Leslie L. Hunt


Responsible Official:
Jo Ann Charleston
Project Manager:
Carla Rosenberg
Ann L. Schwartz

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