The Giant Spinning Chute

Once you have a few fairly sized single line kites, you might wish to add some line laundry... Here is something to try :-)


The spinning chute consists of 100 identical elements. The picture below shows one of those elements. Using the measurements below will result in a chute of 4m diameter.

Copy the element depicted below onto a piece of cardboard to make a template. Notice that the two long sides of the element are curved !.
Put the template on the nylon and align the long sides with the grain. Draw the contours of the template and draw 2 extra lines on both long sides adding 1 cm of hem-allowance. Now you can cut out the element. The straight short side will be at the inner circle of the chute, the other short side will be at the outer circle of the chute.
You have to make 100 elements this way.

Put two elements side by side (long side against short side) and align the contour lines and the "inner circle" short sides. Then sew along the long contour line upto point B, where you add a few backstitches to strengthen that point. Now cut the hem-allowances at point B upto the contour line and sew each hem-allowance onto it's own element (maybe double folded). Repeat this a 100 times...

The weakest point of the chute are the "B" points. To strengthen these, a piece of dacron of 20x10mm can be sewn at point B at the inside of the chute (at the backstitched side of point B of course...)

Now sew a double seam at the inner circle of the chute.
By aligning the points of subsequent elements you form the outer circle of the chute, also creating a bulge in each element which will cause the chute to rotate. Attach subsequent elements by sewing a double folded dacron sleeve all along the outer circle.

At each point on the outer ring where two elements meet, one bridle line has to be attached. So you have to add 100 loops of dacron or insert 100 grommets at those points.

The bridle

You'll need about 500m of bridle line...

Note: this picture does not show the correct bridle as given below...

Attach a 1.5 mm diameter line of 1m long to two subsequent attachment points. and make a loop at the mid-point using an overhand knot. Do this 50 times, using all subsequent pairs of attachment points. Connect a line of 1.5mm diameter and 8m length to each created loop, then attach 5 subsequent 8m line ends to 1 line of 3mm diameter and 1.5m long. In this way you have 10 lines to attach to a metal ring (the ring should be strong enough !) which then is attached to the swivel.

This plan originally was found at Les bons plans de Mizt'ailes as La Roue Geante and was translated on request...

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