Spooky By Fred Broadhead.

   If YOU don't like Fighters push the bridle point up, add a tail and fly as a Malay. I didn't intend
 having the eyes but must have been influenced by the proximity of Haloween.
   Easiest way of doing the eyes is to cut out two circles of rip-stop, get some of that iron on
 wonder web stuff, tack a peice on to each of the circles with the tip of a iron on low heat cut
 the wonder web to the size of the circles and iron with low heat on to the cover.
   Spars fit into pockets and I've Hemmed all round. Just hot cutting may allow the cover to
 stretch too much in time. 3mm fibreglass can be used for the cross spar I think, This is a
 derivation of one by Don Mock, I've used 2mm carbon 'cause I had some handy.
   to the discerning few who voted for this design at the AGM showing an appreciation of a
 subtle, simple and small design I extend my thanks. Thanks Nellie!