Plan: Spring

Here you'll find some info on the kite my brother and I designed back in 1998. Click on the link to view (or download) the file you need.

I will add more detailed stuff when I've got the time to write and draw it. Right now you'd better be an experienced builder to complete this project.. Anyway, have fun and be sure to send me a picture if you built it!!

Plan JPG: the plan in JPG format
Plan DWG: the plan in DWG format (AutoCad R14)(note: you will need the JPG for info on spars etc)
Picture 1: This is a picture of my spring in Ostend (Belgium)
Picture 2: And another one...

Of course there is the usual copyright blabla attached to this. No republication in magazines (without authorisation), don't turn it in a commercial goodie and so on. Just the normal ethics of kite-flying apply to this.

If you have any questions: feel free to mail me.

Copyright 2000: Maarten Zanders