Dave Salmon


         To make the S-QUAD you need
         lmtr 3mm Bungee elastic
         2 X 1.2Smtr 8mm carbon fibre tube
         2 X lmtr 6mm carbon fibre tube
         2 X &nm Knocks (home made are best)
         1 X 8mm Ferrule at least 10cm long with the centre blocked
         2 X 6mm Knocks
         2 X 6mm Endcaps
         Bride line
         Alloy rings (optional)
         Small lengths of 6mm and 8mm tube
         lmtr 50cm wide dacron tape
         This 4 line kite needs very little wind to get going partly becaise of its size. The kite is not jmpy or skitish.
         Cut out the pattern allowing for hems. Cut out the ripstop paying attention to the grain. Hem the outer edges then
         sew the upper panel to the lower. Then sew the outer panel to the inner two. Finally sew the centre together.
         Next sew dacron pockets to the top end of the uprights and dacron reinforcements to the other four points. Sew a
         length of folded ripstop tape   to the back of the kite at the point where the panels join and the spars meet. Sew a
         length of dacron tape slightly   shorter than the ferrule onto the centre at the back of the kite and a 5Omm square of
         dacron on to the front of the  kite.     
          Cut out a 5cm hole in centre of the square. Pierce the dacron at the lower tips of the uprights and the end of the
          crosspar two holes for the bungee. Pierce a hole in the front layer of the dacron pocket for the top bride to go
          through (1eave space for the endcap).
          Cut two 1cm long bits of 6mm plastic tube fit the tube and knocks to the 6mm carbon leaving a space between
          the two for the bride line. At the other end of the spar fit an endcap. Cut two 1cm bits of lOmm tube and fit them
          to the outside of the ferrule leaving a gap in the centre. Thread the ferrule under the dacron in the centre on back
          of the kite. The centre bride will hold it in position. Attach the spars to the kite with the bungee, uprights at the
          back of the cross spar. Tie the spars together with the folded ripstop tape.
          The bride is connected together by the alloy rings and to the frame by larks head hitches. The homemade 8mm
          knocks can have both the bride and the bungee connected to them (easier to take apart). Connect a section of
          bride line to the bride rings and tie 2 knots in them every allow for the slight adjjstment of the flying lines.
          Gooduck Dave Salmon.