Last up date:2001/03/13

This kite is made by black plastic sheet or ripstop nylon sheet. Sooting star train kites are made by using triple snap which are used in fishing. This kite is very easy to make and has a wide range of wind speed to fly, 2-6m/sec. Each kite moves like as a shooting star as shown in the above photo.

EList of Materilas

1) Sail : Plastic sheet which thickness is 0.03mm with black color.

2) Spar : 1.3mm depth ~ 5mm width ~ necessary length (Bamboo)

3) Adhessive plastic tape (necessary length)

Details of the Plan

1. Paper Pattern

How to make kites.

1. Cut the plastic sheet along with paper pattern. Paste the vertical spar "1" and then paste a horizontal spar "2" by using plastic adhesive tape. Last, paste two spars "3" as shown in the figure of pattern.

2. Bridles are attached at the cross point of spar "1" and spar "2", and at the cross point of spar "1" and spars "3".

3.The center of the bridle is shown on the drawing shown above. The length of the bridle as about 50 cm.

4.Each kite has a tail which size is 3 cm wide and 100cm long. Tails are made by the same material as the sail.


How to make a train kite.

Chain individual kite by using triple snap as shown below.

Triple snap