Steiff Roloplan

The Steiff Roloplan was built from the Steiff company in WŸrttemberg (Germany),from 1909 until 1968. This kite is for a moderade wind.

An other Roloplan kiteplan you can find at Thomas-Michael Rudolph .

all measures in cm

1 x 200 cm CFK 8mm ¿
4 x 82,5 cm CFK 6mm ¿
2 Eddy connectors
2m fabric
lines for stretches

For the sails have a look at the plan. The cross-spars fit into sleeves. The spine doesn't needs a sleeve.

spine 8 mm (6 mm are possible) CFK
cross-spars 6 mm CFK
use Eddy connectors for the cross-spars

stretches between the two sails:
use 7 lines between both sail (don't forget the line in the middle)

seven bridle points (w1-w7).
length of the bridle lines:
w1 + w3: 122 cm
w2 : 94 cm
w4 + w6: 127 cm
w5 : 87 cm
w7 : 147 cm

after fine tuning the bridle needs no more adjustement. (At stronger winds use another kite.)

flying instructions:
Always a long start (with the help of a friend). Use a 40 daN flightline.



1997 Hilmar Rilling