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Building the Stelar Delta
The original Stelar Delta was built from off-the-shelf materials because I wasn't expecting it to fly, I was just trying to build a delta kite. I was lucky though because I only had to change one thing after the first flight attempt to get the kite into the air. The original was built out of garbage bag, K'nex, scotch tape and duct tape. That model was able to fly in very weak winds. There is a lot of pressure on the spreader bar during flight. After I changed the spreader bar into a hard piece of plastic the kite was able to fly in most winds.

How to build it...
  1. Start by cutting out the kite's sail. The diagrams below show the final dimensions the sail will have, be sure to leave extra material for making sleeves for dowels on the two outside edges of the kite. This will vary depending on the thickness of your dowels. Also, the tail/fin of the kite is shown with two colours. This doesn't really mean anything, I just find it easier to fly when it's a different colour.

  2. The diagram below shows the configuration of the dowels and where they will be attached. It shows how to attach them using rubber tubes, but use any method you like. Don't attach them yet.

  3. Now you should have all the pieces ready. The tail/fin has to be attached right along the centre of the large triangular sail, in such a way that it divides the sail into two identical halves. Finish the sleeves if you haven't done so already and make holes at the point where the spreader bar has to join the wing bars.

  4. Insert the dowels and attach them.

  5. Attach the kite string to the point where the two shorter sides of the tail/fin meet. You may need to reinforce this point as it may tear.

  6. The kite should fly if there is enough wind.
    If you have any questions contact me at kuba@kites.org

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