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Kite flying with children is a great way to spend any day. Why not turn it into an educational activity as well by teaching them to make their own kites. I've spent years keeping the children entertained at all of our family functions with simple projects like the one below. Try it out with your kids and check back here again -- I'll be adding more simple kite patterns as time goes on!

Small Eddy Kite

Pattern compliments of:
Rick & Robyne Gardner


  1. Cut one half the dowel to fit vertically. This is the Spine. Cut the remaining half in two pieces and trim as necessary for the two cross spars.

  2. Sail can be made of any lightweight material: Mylar giftwrap, plastic bag, etc.

  3. Use a 2"piece of rigid tubing to make the spar connector. Hold the center over a flame for a few seconds, and bend to make a 15-degree angle.

  4. Tape the soda straw pockets to each corner of the sail.

  5. Insert the spine (the vertical spar) into top and bottom pockets.

  6. Insert the ends of each of the two shorter spars into the side pockets. Put the spar connector underneath the spine. Turn the ends of the two shorter spars downward a bit, and insert the ends into the spar connector. Slide the connector (with the spars inserted) up to center it in the reinforced hole.

  7. Tie your flying line around the spar connector and spine. (Insert the line from the front of the kite through the hole, wrap the line around both the connector and the spine, and go back out through the front. Tie a good knot in the front.)

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