TetraLite Kites
Plans for ultra-lightweight, collapsible, multi-cell tetrahedral kites

Note: By making these plans available for personal use for free, worldwide, on the internet, TetraLite Kites declares these plans to be in the Public Domain and as such they may not be patented by anyone or any company or other entity. TetraLite Kites retains the copyright to these plans. You may not redistribute these plans in any manner or make more than one copy for your own personal use without written permission from TetraLite Kites.

To download the TetraLite Kites Plans and Instructions Manual, right-click on one of these links, then choose "Save target as...":

Download the Manual in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format (ManualPDF.zip - 585996 bytes)

Download the Manual in MS Word format (ManualMSWord.zip - 1064721 bytes)

When you unzip the file you get the Manual, two templates and a list of materials sources. The templates included in the manual do not show dimensions. If you print the templates on paper sizes other than "Letter" (8.5" x 11") you must turn off or disable any scaling in the printer setup in MS Word of Adobe Acrobat Reader. For example, to print the templates on A4 size paper, turn off any scaling options in the print set up and set the paper size to "Letter" or "8.5 x 11" and then print on your A4 size paper. If you want to be sure the templates are the correct size, download these two template files (below) that have the dimensions noted on them:

Download Sail Cutting Template with Dimensions in PDF format

Download Sail Taping Template with Dimensions in PDF format

View a YouTube video of how to tape the sails