Colourizer of "Le Virus"

On this page you'll be able to design your own colour combination for "Le Virus". The colours are based upon the colours from the Icarex-collection. Be warned though that there will be some difference between the colours on your screen and in real life. In real life they look better...


You will need a Java plugin for your browser to use this colourizer. Get Java!

Sewing your own sail or...

These pages are primarily intended to serve as an aid in building Le Virus yourselves. The most difficult part however in building a kite is sewing the sail. In case you aren't able to do that for whatever reason but you want to have your own Virus there's one last chance. Christian is willing to make a sail for you at a reasonable fee (65 Euro). Send him a picture with the colours you selected in the colourizer. You will have to spar the kite yourselves though. This isn't meant to be a commercial venture, but it could be used as a last resort for wannabee Virus-maniacs. Contact Christian for some more information.

As of 15 May 2005 Christian has asked me to withdraw the above paragraph. It's no longer possible to order a sail with Christian. In the meantime he has made some 40 Virus-sails but he would like to move on and have some time to develop new prototypes. So wannabee Virus-maniacs without a way to sew the sail themselves will have to find a new way to get infected.