Materials for building "Le Virus"

On this page you'll find the list of materials needed to build your Virus.


This is the list of materials you will need to make the sail of Le Virus.


There are already a number of possibilities to frame your Virus. The standard version is given first, others are described later.


Structil based

An alternative version from Alain Gigon. To quote Alain: I have substituted the Exel Extreme frame with Structil. Structil is lighter, around 15gr less than Exel Extreme for the whole frame, and does not flex as much as Exel Extreme. Le Virus with that frame will start to fly in quite low wind around 2Mph and will not flex too much in high wind around 18-20Mph. The trade-off is: less momentum without weight.

You need the following materials to make a Structil version.


You will get good results with this list of connectors. If they aren't available, don't hesitate to use another brand.

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