A 3-line arch that flaps like a bird.

photo du Wazo

Wazo is a three line kite that beats it's wings as it is controlled. It comes from the family of arches started by Etiennes Veyres and for which I have designed the Duo d'Arc (double arch) and the 4Brut quadline kites.
On a small budget, or for the first time builder, build it in Tyvek and scotch tape in an hour for £ 15.00 (if you haggle for your carbon).
Draw the sail plan out on the Tyvek and cut out with a knife or scissors. The leading edge is made of carbon rod 4 mm thick. The center rod and the next set of lateral rods are 3 mm thick. The next set of lateral rods are 2mm thick. Cut the 4mm carbon into three 1.5metre lengths and tape it onto the leading edge. DON'T tape where the rods join. Use 2 ferules to join the rods so you can disassemble them. Tape along the trailing edge, then tape the sail battens made from 2 or 3mm carbon. Make them detachable if possible. Use plenty of tape at the bridle points.
There are two front bridles at (x) on each side of the kite (9 meter total length). And a bridle on the rear left and right side, each 10,20 meter. The front line is made of Dyneema or Spectra 70 Kg, and the two rear/lateral lines of 45 Kg. Attach the long bridles and it is finished.

The panel B is symetrical to A.
Made in spi or nylon the leading edge carbon is loose in its sleeve.
DON'T put elastic tension bands at the tips (x).
FAQ to build it and ... to fly.
plan of the handles (version 1AV-2AR)